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The BRIDGE® is an FDA cleared peripheral nerve field stimulator that targets cranial nerve branches in the external ear. It is being used to ease the symptoms of opioid withdrawal as patients transition to MAT, taper down on prescription opioids, and stop taking opioids all together. A reduction in COWS score is observed in as little as 10 minutes. Studies show an ~85% reduction in opioid withdrawal symptoms within one hour and a 88.8% success rate in transitioning to Vivitrol via outpatient clinics. Each device is active for 5 days allowing for a comfortable detox experience and immediate, productive engagement in treatment.

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BRIDGE® Animation Video:

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BRIDGE Publication showing 85% reduction in COWS scores in 1 Hour and 88.8% successful transition to extended release naltrexone via outpatient clinics:

IHS FDA BRIDGE Press Release

BRIDGE Provider Marketing Sheet

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