Bridge Device Ordering Information
This is Part I of a 2 Part Training

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Thanks for reaching out. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.

Please start by following the directions below. Once you complete the first part of the online training (30 minutes) you will be contacted by IHS for a live SKYPE training. YOU MUST PURCHASE 2 DEVICES BEFORE YOU DO THE LIVE TRAINING….AND THE DUMMY/TRAINING DEVICE. Please fill out the order form AFTER you do the first part of the online training.

After you finish the online training you will be contacted by Deanna to schedule a time.

Deanna Jones RN
Innovative Health Solutions
(812) 584-7578

BRIDGE PROVIDER TRAINING LINK: https://ihs.litmos.com/self-signup/

A code is needed when signing up for the training and that code is : nssbridge

Any questions call Jim Peake below. Once you have signed up you will receive a confirmation email that the signup was successful and you will be able to login and complete the training course.

Best regards,

Jim Peake
3624 S. Lockwood Ridge Road
Sarasota, FL 34239-7027
781-405-5815 Cell
Admin of Parents of Drug Addicts
Provider of FDA Cleared Opioid Withdrawal Medical Device – The Bridge